Handmade Mental Health Wellbeing Bracelets. 


These bracelets work as gentle, subtle and beautiful reminder to practice your mental health wellbeing strategies in times of distress, anxiety, and/or nervousness.  


Not only are these bracelets visual wellbeing reminders but you can also fiddle with them and pratice grounding yourself e.g. Use your fingers to slowly spin the bracelet around your wrist while counting each bead one by one. Or simply feel each bead one by one and notice the different textures. 


Grounding, deep breathing, mindfulness and reassuring self-talk are all practices that can support you when experiencing challenging and negative emotions, flash backs and distressing memories. Remembering to practice these strategies can be the difficult part. These bracelets are here to provide that reminder. 


- White & turquoise glass beads 

- Plastic white and gold letter beads

- Real Fresh water pearls

- Clear plastic fishing wire (not stretchy)

- Silver costume jewellery clasp  


Size: 17cm length

To measure: get a peice of string, wrap it around your wrist, mark it, lay the string out flat agaist a ruler or measuring tape to find out how many CM it is. 


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Wellbeing Bracelet: "Mindful" (White & Turquoise)

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